Stable peer to peer electronic cash system

Ergon ( XRG ) is a Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency for payments.



Digital signatures provide strong control of ownership.


Proportional reward ensures that all participants play by the same rules.


Send money in minutes.

No Downtimes

Unlike banks, the network is always online.


Battle-tested technology.


Send money anywhere in the world.

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This software is provided free of charge in hopes that it will be useful, but without any warranty of merchantability, under the terms of the MIT License .

Full Nodes

Bitcoin Static

Ergon full Node

Bitcoin Static release 24.0.5:

Bitcoin ABC - Ergon edition

Bitcoin ABC Ergon release 0.28.9:




Ergon Light Wallet based on electrum/electron cash

Oregano release 4.4.2:

Python package:
pip install oregano
Arch linux:
yay -S oregano-wallet

AtomicDEX Desktop

Multicoin light wallet with a decentralized exchange

AtomicDEX Desktop release 0.5.7-beta:

Mobile and web

Calory Social Web Browser Wallet

Native Ergon browser wallet with support of SLP tokens

AtomicDEX Mobile

Multicoin light wallet with a decentralized exchange

AtomicDEX Mobile release:


Ergon is designed to be a stable p2p currency. It is achieved by making the block reward proportional to the cost of producing a block. Earning a single unit of the currency by mining takes a fixed amount of effort.

The price of any commodity tends to gravitate toward the production cost.

Satoshi Nakamoto (2010)

Ergon is an economic experiment to create a stable currency with no central authority neither to check for double spending nor to ensure the currency stability.

What is Bitcoin Static?

Bitcoin Static is the name of the software and the network using a slightly modified Bitcoin Cash protocol, with a native currency called Ergon. The key difference is proportional block reward - each block contains a reward that is proportional to the energy that was required to mine it. It is a new blockchain, starting from a different genesis block, not a fork of already existing one. No pre-mine or developer fund was added.

What is the supply of Ergon?

Ergon current circulating supply is XRG. Each Ergon block reward (issuance) is proportional to the computational work that was used to solve the blocks cryptographic puzzle.

What is the max supply of Ergon?

Ergon supply is restricted by the resources required to create new coins. It doesn't have a centrally planned hard limit, the coin supply is market-driven. Ergon issuance proportionality factor (number of computer operations to find a coin) decays with the half-time of 2.3y. If miners keep adding exponentially more computational power forever, Ergon would have constant issuance forever. On the other hand if the power stays constant i.e. no more is ever added, the reward would be decaying until it would vanish. The supply depends mainly on the demand for new coins.

What are the opportunities associated with Ergon?

Ergon is unlike any other cryptocurrency or currency on the market. It opens up new opportunities particularily in e-commerce. With Ergon anyone with the access to the internet can start an online business with no need for a bank account.

How is Ergon secured?

At the moment every POW cryptocurrency is paying for its security with inflation. The security is ultimately, in the long run only as high as the demand for new coins. On this front Bitcoin Static is equivalent to other POW coins, but in Bitcoin Static, the adjustment happens with the number of coins per block not the price of all the coins circulating in the ecosystem. Changes can be more dynamic and have less impact on users life, making the gears of the currency less important and less invasive for a regular user. Because every Ergon unit has to be mined at its marginal price that stays the same, it doesn't have artifficially inflated supply. The security is orders of magnitude higher if you consider the value that is being secured.

What about fair distribution?

Ergon takes fair distribution to the extreme. Proportional reward makes sure that the early adopters are not privilaged neither with the number of coins nor the future coin value. If Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin with proportional reward, a year of mining with such a small hashrate would be dwarfed by todays mining. All coins have to be earned or bought. No "founders reward" or "developers fund" is added to the currency. Ergon development is funded by voluntary donations from the community. Ergon is aiming to be the most fairly distributed currency in the world.


Merchants, e-commerce, adoption:

BitcartCC - self-hosted payment processor
Ergon Ambassadors - People, who help Ergon adoption, local contacts who can explain what it is and how to use it.
Ergon Talks - a YouTube channel with online community meetups and podcast.

Community fora: